Commenting on our September column on Trump’s Economic Policy Agenda, which, we concluded, is a mess of sorts, Dip(lomat) Unchained, our distinguished co-contributor to the pilot Macron-X think tank, added a point: where has all the spending on infrastructure originally earmarked for quick implementation lately gone?

Candide - octobre 2017

Au risque de passer pour une vielle horloge cassée qui ne donnerait l'heure correctement que deux fois par jour, votre serviteur ne peut pas s'empêcher d'observer l'accélération dans l'évolution diamétralement opposée entre monde réel et monde de la finance...
As we wrote in our July review - or rather, as Foreign Policy’s Max Boot, whom we were quoting, had noted – what was once unthinkable has become, courtesy of President Trump, unremarkable. Which is being confirmed virtually with every day passing. So much so, however, that staying abreast of Trump’s oddities has become tiresome – and pointless.